Go Motorwise looks after you whether your motor needs, repairing, maintenance, customising, an MOT or just some spare parts. We'll make sure that your motor leaves in mint condition.



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Some of our services at a glance:

As the weather changes you should think about what the weather may have done to your car.

Pop in any time for a FREE once a year Safety Check (no purchase necessary)

As part of our complimentary safety check, we will:


  • Check Antifreeze Coolant strength & level
  • Check Tyre condition & pressures
  • Check Oil level
  • Check Wipers and washers
  • Check Auxiliary / fan belts where visible
  • Check Exhaust system where visable
  • Check Lights (exterior)
  • Check Brakes where visible through wheels
  • Top up screen wash


  • Maintenance and inspections
    • Servicing
    • Oil change
    • Computer-aided engine diagnostics
    • Air conditioning system service
    • Engine maintenance
    • Wheel refurbishmen
  • MOT  inspections


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Comprehensive service package

Our many satisfied customers really appreciate the special service that we provide here at Go Motorwise. Our comprehensive service package means that you can come to us with any problems with your motor and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time. 


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We offer the following additional services: